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"This Game & I"
Here We Go (Again)--
Written by Kevin Solomon

She flirted wit me in 2000, when I wanted to give her my heart she told me, "black boy u can't handle me" She was much older than me but the allure was so intriguing I couldn't help but to LOVE her. We flirted but it was just me CHASING her. Nothing major to her but was everything to me.

Gave her more than what she gave me until I was tapped. I worked long hours at the j just to give to her. I believed in her but she was way out my league. Lost a lot behind her and she laughed at me and continued to move along her merry way. Not giving one fuck. We broke up in '09 but I ALWAYS followed her. Admired what she was doing, how she was growing. Got my shit together after a brief stint then I stepped to her again in '15. Got my paper right, my mind right and stepped to her with confidence.

She liked that. She started to take notice, even tho she grown on so many levels. I felt like I did too so "what's up?" She liked that talk I was talking and she decided to fuck wit me instead of flirt this time. The challenge now is not to let her in my head and drain my ends. She showing me a lot of attention now as if she LIKES me. She knows I LOVE her but I can't get WHIPPED again. Once again she takes notice and I believe she likes the challenge. I see ya baby. I know u see me too. She whispers my name in my ear so seductively and it's turns me on. I want to give in to you BUT I know you're just gonna fuck me again. I sometimes find myself working hard at the j AGAIN just to give to you but I fall back. I can't have you USING me. PLAYING me like I ALLOWED you to back in the day. I have trust issues...I haven't forgiven u from the last time but you're so fuckin sexy to me. How can I stay mad at u? I would give her my heart and my attention at the drop of dime if I was confident she would do the same. I'm gonna see if you and I are for real this time. I'm gonna take my time and really see. If not then we can part ways (again) but this time cordially. It will finally sink in that you and I wasn't meant to be. Then I can live with that...